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The Graduate Programs of ICB

Over the past 15 years, the Institute of Biomedical Sciences has been actively encouraging its faculty to carry out cutting-edge research meeting the strategic needs of the country and in line with the international scientific development. As a natural result of this action, the Institute today harbors two  stricto sensu Graduate Programs, in Morphological Sciences and in Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry. The Morphological Sciences Program is considered a national reference on education in Morphological Science, while the Program of Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry is unique in its proposed teaching of a modern Pharmacology applied to drug development. As a result, these programs have produced Master and Doctoral Theses of great impact in the areas of Cellular and Developmental Biology, Cell Therapy and Bioengineering, Neurobiology, Pathology, Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology and Drug Development.


Adjunct Director

Professor Newton Gonçalves de Castro



Sérgio Vasconcelos - Secretary of the Graduate Division - Institute of Biomedical Sciences

  • (55-21) 2562-6480  E-mail:

Tania Regina Pontes & Vinicius Oliveira - Secretary of the Morphological Sciences Program (PCM)

  • (55-21) 2562-6480  E-mail: or

Dayane A. Lopes - Secretary of the Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry Program (PPGFQM)

  • (55-21) 2562-6672  E-mail:

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