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Astrocytes in culture
Astrocytes in culture

The research groups at ICB are organized in seven Research Programs spanning diverse areas of modern biomedical sciences, with a focus on a translational approach to the health problems of the millenium.

Every five years the ICB runs an institutional evaluation based on collection of many outcome measures and analysis by an invited international committee. The last evaluation in 2012 showed that the faculty published 138 papers in 2011, with an average of 121 papers/year in the 5-year period. Seventy-six faculty members authored these publications, together with 38 post-docs, 169 graduate students and many undergraduate Science Trainees. The average ISI Impact Factor of the journals publishing those papers was 3.22.

Much of the scientific output of the Institute is associated with the Thesis and Dissertation projects developed in its two graduate programs: in Morphological Sciences, and in Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry. Both offer degrees of D.Sc. and M.Sc.

Institutional Report 2012 - Research

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